Dr. Abir Hussein on practicing in Nova Scotia


The day I landed in Nova Scotia with my husband and two kids, was the day we knew that Nova Scotia is exactly where we wanted to raise our family. We immigrated to Canada from Egypt in 2009 and were absolutely taken by the friendliness of the people and the beautiful scenery of Nova Scotia.

I was enrolled in the Clinician Assessment for Practice Program (CAPP) in 2011 in Yarmouth, NS. Through the CAPP, I was offered great supportive mentorship and I was able to manage a full independent family practice in less than a year.

Up to this day, I continue to receive the support and mentorship whenever I need it. During my contract, I enjoyed an eight months maternity leave, which was easily and smoothly accommodated.

When my CAPP contract came to an end, I had no intentions to leave Yarmouth. We fell in love with the ocean and the beauty of rural Nova Scotia. A collegial supportive working environment, good schools and a friendly community that welcomes and includes others is where we wanted to work and raise our family.

Shortly after, I pursued my passion for teaching and was granted a great opportunity to pay it forward through teaching medical students and Family Medicine residents. I became an assistant professor and was a primary preceptor in South West Nova teaching site.

As my leadership skills continued to grow and nourish with the support of my colleagues, I became the Site Director of South West Nova site, Dalhousie Family Medicine Residency Program. I currently work with the most amazing faculty, staff and colleagues who all have the same goal of providing high standard medical education and patient care.

I am happy with the career choices I have made and with calling Nova Scotia my home.