Nova Scotia Practice Ready Assessment (NSPRAP) at a Glance


  • Medical Knowledge Assessment: MCC QE Part 1, MCC NAC OSCE or MCCQE Part II

  • Must meet eligibility requirements

  • Referral to the NSPRAP

Screening & Selection

  • Stage 1 Suitability Assessment - Personal Interview

  • Selection Committee – Candidates will be selected to write the TDM following the interview.

    • Next Selection Committee meeting date: November 29, 2019.

  • Stage 2 MCC Therapeutics Decision Making Exam (TDM) – Pass/Fail

    • Next TDM exam dates: January 21, 2020 and June 3, 2020.

  • Eligibility – Candidates who pass TDM & meet all eligibility requirements are recommended to CPSNS for issuance of clinical assessment license and recommended to NSHA for contract offer/sponsorship

  • CPSNS – granting of clinical assessment license

  • NSHA — granting of privileges and signing of RoS contract

Clinical Field AssessmenT (CFA)

  • Orientation – prior to commencing a CFA, IMG candidates will undergo an extensive orientation program on topics like the Canadian health care system, patient-centred interviewing, charting, medical-legal issues, professional responsibilities and ethical practice. 

    The orientation will involve self-study, in person seminars and some exposure to simulated patients to practice communication and some physical exam skills.

  • CFA – total of 12 weeks (2- 6 week placements) in two different family practices and in two different communities

  • Assessments using valid and varied assessment tools will be used to assess all aspects of readiness for independent practice (excluding provision of care in the ED and intra-partum care). 

  • Assessors will provide regular feedback to IMG candidates and submit evaluation reports to the NSPRAP.

  • The NSPRAP Recommendations Committee will decide whether or not to make a recommendation to the CPSNS that the IMG candidate be granted a defined license. The IMG candidate will be informed of the Recommendations Committee’s decision.

Post-provisional licence