Eligibility Requirements

The College of Physicians and Surgeons of Nova Scotia (CPSNS) conducts the initial prescreening of all applications to the Nova Scotia Practice Ready Assessment Program (NSPRAP).  Prescreening criteria are based on eligibility requirements as set out by the CPSNS. Referrals are accepted from the CPSNS on an ongoing basis.

Please note: Eligibility criteria can change at any time without notice.

The Nova Scotia Department of Health and Wellness and the Nova Scotia Health Authority will already have determined how many sponsorship positions for IMG candidates they wish the NSPRAP to fill before these physician candidates apply to the CPSNS and are referred to the NSPRAP.

**Proceeding through one step does not guarantee progression to the next.

Screening and Selection

Stage 1 : Suitability Assessment — Personal Interview

Applicants who meet all of the CPSNS prescreening criteria may be referred to the NSPRAP to undergo a personal interview by the NSPRAP. The Selection Committee will determine which applicants will proceed to the TDM and subsequent Clinical Field Assessment.

The next meeting of the Selection Committee is scheduled for November 29, 2019.

The interview will last approximately 60 minutes and will be conducted by a panel of interviewers who will use a semi-structured interview guide. The focus of the interview will be to determine personal and professional suitability to practice family medicine in Nova Scotia and fulfill a return of service contract in specified Nova Scotia communities. Applicants are expected to attend the interview in person and are responsible for all costs associated with attending the interviews.

Stage 2 — Therapeutics Decision Making (TDM)

Applicants who have undergone an interview, and hold a positive ruling of eligibility for registration from the CPSNS, may be referred to sit the MCC TDM exam if candidates do not already have a current pass standing on the MCC TDM. This is a requirement to participate in the NSPRAP program. Click here for the TDM Guide for Candidates.

MCC TDM Exam sittings are offered in Halifax. The next exams dates are scheduled for January 21, 2020 and June 3, 2020.