International medical graduates (IMGs) who wish to apply to the Nova Scotia Practice Ready Assessment Program (NSPRAP) must first apply to the College of Physicians and Surgeons of Nova Scotia (CPSNS) to ensure they meet the eligibility requirements. Referrals are accepted from the CPSNS on an ongoing basis.

IMGs are encouraged to visit the CPSNS website to view the eligibility requirements and follow the instructions provided.  Please contact the CPSNS Registrations Department if any questions arise. If an IMG meets the eligibility requirements for defined licensure, the CPSNS will then refer the IMG to the NSPRAP to undergo its screening and assessment processes.

A determination of eligibility by the CPSNS does not guarantee admission to the NSPRAP which is a competitive program. There may also be more applicants than available program spots in any given year. NSPRAP is offered two times per year - spring and fall usually in May and September.

Those who are referred by the CPSNS to the NSPRAP and undergo a successful interview will be referred to write the Therapeutics Decision Making Exam (TDM) if they do not already have a current passing grade. Those who successfully achieve a passing grade in the TDM, may be offered a clinical field assessment (CFA) to demonstrate practice readiness. In order to participate in the CFAs, IMG candidates will be granted a clinical assessment license by the CPSNS.  

Those IMG candidates who successfully complete the assessment program will be required to work in under-serviced areas of Nova Scotia on return of service contracts that will have been signed prior to commencing CFAs.

Note to applicants: the NSPRAP is not a clinical training program. Unsuccessful candidates will not receive training by the program. IMG candidates are limited to applying two times to this or any other Canadian practice ready assessment program.